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Mukhalepam process is a facial treatment, where an exotic prepared herbal paste is applied on the face. The herbal face-pack powder contains rejuvenating herbs that helps in nurturing as well as cleaning the skin and leaving it soft and clear. In addition to this, the therapy also prevents the aging of skin and building elasticity so as to avoid wrinkles on the face. Besides, it also tones the skin and avoids pigmentation as well as discoloration.

The face is properly treated with steam and then the face pack is applied, so that the paste can be easily applied. We make the herbal combination of the paste after clearly assessing the skin type of the individual so that he/she can gain more benefit out of it. Mukhalepam is particularly best for treating the sun burn related conditions. The complete procedure detoxifies as well as enhances the beauty of the skin. There are some major benefits of Mukhalepam, which are mentioned below:

Non-Membership cost : $ 65 / session

Duration : 45 minutes


A perfect Caring solution for your face with its nourishment and enhancing properties.

Roses have played a stellar role in various Ayurvedic concoctions for thousands of years. The natural oils found in roses help retain moisture in the skin, making it soft and smooth. The sugars in rose petals significantly benefit those with sensitive skin.

Applied For:Skin Toning, Skin Smoothening, Softening & Smoothening, Anti-ageing, Blackhead Removal, Anti-acne & Pimples.

This treatment can be used for all Skin Types, Combination Skin, Dry Skin, Normal Skin, Oily Skin, Sensitive Skin.

It has superior relaxing properties, helps soothes the acne, wrinkles and gives blemish-free skin. Sucks out all the dullness from the deep skin pores, tightens them and introduces you with shiny smooth skin tone. It helps to cure all types of facial blemishes and it removes the prickly heat fast triggered by excessive sweating.

Non-Membership cost : $ 75 / session

Duration : 45 minutes


Navara is a type of rice which is rich in husk and hence has a great effect in healing chapped and blemished skin by removing the outermost dead cell layer. The anti aging properties of Navara rice is highly recommended for mature skin. It brings back the lost glow and lustre to the skin by reducing tanning and dark patches. It provides ultimate nourishment to the skin.

Non-Membership cost : $ 85 / session

Duration : 45 minutes


Saffron and Sandalwood Facial treatment is an antioxidant-rich, gentle day moisturizing treatment. The herbs and essential oils used in this treatment are naturally hydrating and rich in nutrients. Nourishing the skin, the nutrients in this facial cream helps to maintain the skin's suppleness and balances moisture.

Saffron and sandalwood face cream that evens out the skin tone, enriched with saffron, sandalwood and wheat germ oil. It reduces blemishes, pigmentation and acne scars and helps maintain the skin's suppleness and retain moisture and making it suitable for normal to oily skin types and textures.

Non-Membership cost : $ 95 / session

Duration : 45 minutes